3 Simple Ways To Make Money From Home

As an independent women it wasn’t easy when I decided to stay at home with my kids, I definitely had a hard time at the beginning and sometimes I still find it difficult. The hardest part was leaving my job, I felt so unproductive and it was driving me crazy, that’s when I started thinking on ways to start earning money from home, there’s a lot of opportunities out there and hopefully you will find the right job for you  but for now I will tell you 3 easy ways to make money from home:

3 Simple Ways To Make Money From Home


I know you already heard of this and you may be a little Skeptical. How? How can you earn a good income from this! And I will be honest you will not get rich from this but you will add $300 to your bank account every month and that’s a pretty reasonable amount considering it’s the easiest and quickest way to earn money from home,

here is the list of the highest paying surveys:

  • Swagbucks (They pay you $5 just for signing up (add link) )
  • MindSwarms (Earn $5, $10 or perhaps $20 per survey)
  • SurveySavvy (Earn $1 to $20 per survey)
  • Pinecone Research (The value of each point it’s $0.01 and you can request your check when you have $3)
  • InboxDollars (You will get $5 just for signing up)


Even if you don’t have a degree this may be possible for you. You just need patience and be passionate about  teaching. Lots of sites pays $8 to $12 per hour but don’t get discourage because subjects like Math or English is around $20 per hour.

  • Chegg: Pays $20 per hour but you must be enrolled in college to apply.
  • Udemy: It’s a global marketplace to learn and you can also become an instructor, plus, you don’t need a degree to get approve.
  • Cambly: Pays $0.17/minute
  • Open English: English teaching experience required.
  • Elevate Learning: Pays $12 per hour. Math and reading tutoring.


Becoming a freelance it’s a good way to start earning an income from home, you can start offering your services today, it all depends on your skills, here I have a few websites where you can start:

There’s no limits on how much can you earn, you are the one putting the price of the service you are offering.


There’s a lot of options out there but for now I hope this 3 simple ways of earning a decent income from home will help you! Leave in the comments section bellow your thoughts and if you are working from home leave suggestions, thanks for reading ♥


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  1. I often look at these types of post, and signing up for the freelance websites I always get rejected. Can you do a post on how to get accept, because it is not that easy. Thanks

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