What a Mom Really Wants For Her Birthday

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Guess who is celebrating her birthday today?  me! So in honor of my birthday I decided to explain to everyone what a MOM really wish for her birthday in case my husband is reading this so he get a clue.  I am not someone who loves birthday celebration whatsoever, most of the time I get sad and I don’t want everyone telling me every second I am getting older, but what can I do? It’s the magic of birthdays.

I woke up today with little expectations but my husband made it special and before anything I want to thank him for supporting me and loving me and making this day an special one. ♥

The first on the list of things  will always be

Day off!

Yes! If you been reading my blog you will see this a LOT, we all want a day off, we need a day off, we will fight
for a day off, am I making myself clear?

For Crafty Moms

  • Handmade gift

Personally I will prefer something very unique and made with love rather than an expensive item.
Although it’s definitely nice when someone takes the time to go to the store and get something just
for you, I know how hard that can be, but I will always go for handmade stuff

Tip: If you are not a crafty person, don’t worry! Etsy exists for a reason!

  • Craft Tools

It all depends on what she is into, for example:

If she is into crochet

Or maybe painting

Maybe she loves making her own jewelry

For book lovers like me!

Best selling books, click on it to check more on the list:

Page holder


And I know every mom will love this:

We all need a massage from time to time

Michelle Phan Makeup Palette

But nothing will be more special than showing us we don’t need an special day to be treated as a princess!
There’s no time to waste and there shouldn’t be an special day to show the person you love how loved
he or she is.

Happy Birthday to me and who happens to share birthday with me!

Thanks for reading.

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