13 Reasons Why: My Reaction


I started watching 13 Reasons Why a few days ago and I am so caught up with it that I am almost done. As I sit here, rocking my almost 8 months little girl while my son is asleep by my side I am watching this new Netflix show and I am wondering, what would I do if I was in Hannah’s mom place, how would I feel?

How would I react if I was Olivia Baker?

I can tell for sure I will blame myself forever, We are all to blame for things like that, I’ve heard enough of “It was her/his fault” but it isn’t their fault, no one wish to end their life for no reason. I believe as society we are just worrying about our stuff and forgetting there are others, and we may not be teaching our kids at home how their words can impact others. Sure we teach them how to be polite but we don’t teach them
to care enough for others, we may be teaching them manners but not love and respect and yes I am including
myself. Olivia Baker didn’t see what was in front of her, she wasn’t really involve in Hannah’s life, and that’s
usually normal when it comes to teenagers. But we really need to put a little effort into it, get more involve
and get to know them.  It’s as simple as just asking “How was your day?” or making a tradition every Sunday
breakfast together or maybe a movie, I am sure you can figure something out.

When I finished watching the show

It took more than one day for me to write this post, it was so intense, so powerful and it was hard to write about it, I finished the show last night and fell asleep with strong feelings of sadness, and it may sound strange to you, this is just another Netflix show, this isn’t real, Hannah Baker it’s alive and her real name is Katherine Langford, but it’s pretty real to me, it happens everyday, everywhere.

I am more than aware you may not be into this kind of topic, trust me I wish it didn’t exist, I wish there wasn’t people suffering so much that they end up believing they don’t have a choice but to end their life. But this is something we shouldn’t ignore anymore, we should fight against it, together. I don’t understand why is so easy for us to compliment the way some stranger it’s dressed up, but it’s so hard to tell a friend or even a family how loved they are. It’s so damn hard to be there for someone and just listen without judgmental
comments when that person it’s just seeking for support. Why is it so hard?

The way I see it, words are stronger than we may think, it can hurt someone much more than a punch in the face, but it also can heal more wounds than any medicine. Let’s become healers, it’s much more easy than becoming a doctor, just a kind word, a hug, a compliment, just being there for someone the way you wish
people was there for you, it’s enough.

Let’s learn all the signs to know when someone is crying for help, don’t let hatred go beyond love.

What can we do for others?

There’s a lot of ways to help others to get through hard times, but the first step it’s to recognize when someone needs help, and later on it’s to find the source of the problem, it’s very important to learn the signs and understand why it’s happening, here I will tell you how to know when
someone needs help:

  • There’s unusual behavior
  • Isolation
  • Physical appearance deterioration
  • Drastic changes in established routines

Why it’s so important to help?

As parents we need to be ready for everything, if your kid it’s not in high school yet, he or she will eventually start going and we need to be prepare for everything, we need to learn how to identify if our kids are being bullied or they are the bullies! Either way it’s wrong. We need to find a way to help them, knowing that we are not in that part of their life, as parents we need to stick together and teach our kids love and respect so they can respect and love each other.

Bullying it’s still happening

According to the latest statistics of this year, about 600,000 people between the ages of 14 and 28 commit suicide each year, in which at least half of them are related to bullying; being the European countries, the most affected by this phenomenon, 200 thousands of
deaths per year, and still counting.

If you want to read the book here’s the link:

Before you leave, take my apology! My intention will never be to judge anyone
These words are just my thoughts about 13 Reasons Why and what’s going on
in our world, My goal it’s to spread love and be totally honest with my readers!

With love, What a Mom Club.

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