Things You Will Never Do Again With Your Second Child.



Raising your first and second child can be totally different experiences!

When you become a mom for the very first time, everything it’s so new and scary at the same time, everything worries you. You are extremely careful, but don’t worry, practice will make you dominate many issues, and that’s why everything turns different with the second child, because we avoid many things we already learned with the first baby.

Bath time!

When I had my first child, I spent at least fifteen minutes cleaning him and “playing “with him so he would relax and go to sleep earlier which wasn’t the case and that’s why bath time for my second child it’s no the same, I usually take five to ten minutes to get her ready, let’s be real when you have a toddler around everything must be done faster and your time with your baby it’s like running a marathon. My toddler usually does everything to catch my attention, from throwing everything on the floor to painting the couch with crayons.

Never say never

That applies perfectly with tablets and any mobile device. When I was pregnant with my first child I use to say I would never allow him to watch T.V or play with a tablet I believed kids should be playing with things that could teach them, and I saved on Pinterest many activities to do with a baby from three months to one hundred years old. Guess what! I didn’t get the chance to do all the activities I planned on, I got pregnant again, AGAIN, when my first born was just about three or four months old, I got pretty sick and yes, my boy plays with my phone occasionally so I can feed the not-so-baby anymore or clean the house, there’s a lot of games on my phone that can teach him: numbers, colors and many other things, he enjoys it so it works for me.

You can skip cooking sometimes

Eating healthy it’s important, and I bet you feel guilty to feed your toddler with pizza once in a while but stop worrying so much. Eating outside from time to time it’s not a bad thing to do specially when you have a second baby at home who isn’t letting you sleep, in fact, it’s good to change routine sometimes. When you are at home, making breakfast or dinner you won’t get a chance to enjoy your meal like everyone else. I believe there should be a rule for mom to have a day off just to enjoy with the family.

Don’t feel guilty

There may be a lot of difference between the way you took care of your first and second child but that doesn’t make you a bad mom. I took photos of everything my first born did and I regret not doing the same thing with my second child but that’s life, I didn’t took a lot of pictures of my pregnancy because I was busy being a mom and that’s fine because I love them the same way and they both know it.

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