Top 10: Worst Parenting Advice Ever Heard.

I decided to ask a few moms what was the worst advice they’ve ever heard of, and I just had to
let the world know about it. I believe as mothers and women we should always support each other.
Being a parent doesn’t come with instructions and I am a mom against unsolicited advices!
But as a mom of two beautiful and healthy children my advice to you is to just follow your heart,
you will always know what’s best for your kids  and will always try your best even when you think
you are doing every little thing wrong.

Trust me it happens more than I could count. I’ve been told
I should stop holding my babies when they cry cause’ apparently, I am spoiling them. So, I should let
them cry to be a better mom, I honestly took the advice just to come here to tell you,  listen to your guts,
if you are a First-Time-Mom have faith in yourself, ask your pediatrician if you have any doubts
and just be the mom you were born to be.

 And now the top 10 worst parenting advice I’ve ever hear of…

Cornbread mix into baby’s Bottle

I really had to look it up on google, didn’t even find it, cornbread mix with baby formula?
Babies can be allergic to corn so please be careful if you are thinking about feeding this to your baby.
And if you know more about this, please let me know cause’ I am clueless.


Drink wine while breastfeeding, it will make your little one sleep better

Don’t even think about doing this, if you drink at least 4 Ounces of alcohol, your baby would
be drinking 20% less milk,Doctors recommend avoiding alcohol while breastfeeding,
what a shame for all the moms who likes a glass of wine after dinner,

but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do, am I right?

Two months old baby should be sleeping on her tummy

Apparently, some people haven’t heard of the risk of SIDS,
your baby shouldn’t be sleeping on her/his tummy before turning 12 months old,
that’s when your baby will be strong enough to roll from back to front.
There’s tummy time through the day, when your baby is awake and you are paying attention.

“brandy on the gums” for teething

This advice will never get old,
“brandy, scotch, whatever on your baby gums will help a lot”,
This is a bad, bad, bad idea… I know some people who knows some people
who turned out right after their mom decided it was okay to do this.
I will probably stick with Tylenol and you should too.

You don’t have enough breastmilk, you should get some formula

Oh! I got this a LOT with my first baby, he didn’t want a pacifier, he didn’t
like the bottle and he wanted to be on my breast all the time,
I got two different kind of formula to try and he didn’t like them.
Turns out I had just the right amount of milk supply for him.
Remember breastfeeding will always be the best choice but
not everyone can do it, I tried with both my kids and it was hard.

little sips of medicine throughout the day to stop your baby from getting sick

I didn’t really know medicine works as vaccine, this sounds wrong!
You shouldn’t medicate your kid without your pediatrician approval.
If you want to prevent your kid from getting sick,
wash her/his hands often and a healthy meal everyday will do.


If your baby hates being buckled down in her car seat, it’s ok to just ride her in your arms

The importance of safe, well-fitting child seats is paramount,
considering that road injuries are the number one contributor
to unintended child deaths in the United States,  according to
Safe Kids Worldwide, an organization founded by
Children’s National Health System. Do not under any circumstances
carry your baby in your arms while in a moving car. Protecting our kids
should always be our number one priority.

You shouldn’t swaddle your newborn because it’d cause arms to be deformed

False. Swaddling has been practiced for hundreds of years to keep your baby warm
and it can even make your baby feel like they are still warm and safe like they
were inside the womb. Plus, it helps your baby sleep well. You should really ask
your doctor before leaving the hospital to see if they can teach you how to swaddle
your little bundle of joy, it is not an easy task, ladies but it will be a big help.

9.Don’t hold your baby too much, you’ll spoil him/her

This is far from the truth. Some people call it spoiling, I call this, bonding! ”
This is an important task, especially in those first moths of development.
There has been many research that vouch the positivity of holding your baby.
few of the benefits include: decreasing stress, increasing milk supply,
improving the wellbeing of both mother and baby and it can be a natural painkiller.
Please do not allow other people to make you feel guilty for holding your child.
So, hold your little one as much as you want and make them feel loved.

Breastmilk has not nutritionist value after one year.

Surprisingly I heard this one a lot. According to Wikipedia The World Health Organization
recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life,
with solids gradually being introduced around this age when signs of readiness are shown.
Supplemented breastfeeding is recommended until at least age two and then for as
long as the mother and child wish , Breastfeeding offers health benefits to mother
and child even after infancy.These benefits include a 73% decreased risk of
sudden infant death syndrome,”increased intelligence, etc.

And I could go on and on…

But, I’ll like to hear more about you so if you have any funny advice you want us to know about, we are all ears, and eyes!

Please leave a comment.



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