10 Things A Son Expects from His Father

10 Things A Son Expects From His Father

There´s not more difficult task than being a father, I think you will agree with me on this but it would be
much easier if every kid comes with a handbook on how to rise them. Sadly, this is not going to happen,
parenting is somethingwe learn along the way.Despite of the above, one thing is clear: all children,
no matter how or who they are, they all ask for something in common, love. Sometimes it may be
difficult to fulfill our children needs.However, there are 10 things that every boy needs from his father
and today I will share them with you:

1. Father Figure

 The father figure provides security to our children. A parent who interacts with their children
helps them find their identity. One of the greatest expectations in the education of children is to
help them build a positive image of themselves. The father has a fundamental role in building
the identity of our kids.

2. A Super Hero to Imitate

Your child will observe from the beginning how Dad faces day by day, he’ll see every
victories and failures.He will learn how his father take every situation, despite illness
or bad weather, how he confronts life. and will also realize how his hero earns respect
and value. He needs his super hero.

3. Values Education

From the moment, a man decides to be a father, comes his choice to teach.
Home is the first school of a child and his parents are his first teachers.
From Dad, he learns respect, honesty, the virtue of work, patience, charity,
loyalty and many more lessons. So, every dad must be careful on how he relates to his wife,
children and other relatives, because his little imitators are watching him jealously.

4. Love

 As parents, sometimes we forget to show our little ones how loved they are, this is
pretty common, especially when dad is a busy man. But we must try to tell them
how much we love them every day, it doesn’t take much to make them feel loved.

5. Discipline

“Discipline isn’t just about giving kids consequences.
Instead, it ensures children are gaining the skills they need to become responsible adults”.
We may not like this task but it’s something that needs to be done in order to properly
educate a child.

6. Protection

In the beginning a child will not know how to defend himself
from the difficulties of life, so he will need to be protected from danger.
This is one of the many duties of his father. Little by little,
the child will assume what his father teaches him
and he will know how to protect himself,
but for now your little one needs you.

7. Freedom

By giving them the tools through good parenting and example,
the father will be able to give his son freedom
to choose his own way. No matter how ready we are for this,
our little one soon enough will need some freedom
to find himself and learn from his own mistakes.

 8. Confidence

Men are more practical and more secure, so it is necessary
for a father to show himself as someone who does not hesitate to make a decision.
By doing so, you will be giving your child valuable teaching.

9. Independence

A parent should teach their child from a young age different tasks;
wash the family car from time to time or maybe to clean his room.
Of course, this without demanding the child more than he is able to give,
you should always give him duties according to his age and abilities.

10. A friend

A father will never cease to be one, but when a child is already grown,
it will not require so much a father, but a friend to trust,
someone to share experiences and build memories.

Remember that your son will always need you, you are and always will be his super hero.


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