The Reality Of Parenting A Toddler While Pregnant

Once upon a time I was holding my firstborn , I was tired but overall I felt happy,

next thing I know I was at the same hospital with the same pain and fear just one year later.

It was a long ride, especially because I got pregnant when my baby was just a few months old and
it was an interesting experience watching him kick my belly and my daughter kicking back as
if her life depends on it. I am so happy they got each other, but it’s tiring sometimes,
and here I will tell you why:

You don’t get to sleep anymore

The first thing you heard when you had your first baby is that you should sleep
while your baby is asleep, well that’s kind of impossible now, you see,
while my son is sleeping, my daughter is wide awake kicking, and remember
how hard was to sleep when you hit 3rd trimester? Good news is you will probably
start sleeping again when your baby turns into a toddler,
I am still waiting for that day…parenting

Your oldest kid may get jealous

This won’t happen until your baby arrives but I wanted to
give you a sneak peek. Jealousy is a natural feeling that
arises in the child when they feel displaced. Having a newborn
at home  can be a full-time job  but you’ll have to find
balance to
do all the things that needs to be done and give your oldest kid
the necessary attention. And that sound as it is; complicated.

People will have mixed opinions

People will tell you should have waited, and then will say
it’s a good thing because they will get along
and have each other to play with. Let’s face it,
we will never get ride of those crazy-and-not-wanted-advice
we get when we become parents. You should read:

Top 10: Worst Parenting Advice Ever Heard

Your toddler will start acting like a baby again

My oldest was always so independent until the baby arrived, this is pretty common
it will last a few weeks until your toddler get used to the newborn, don’t feel bad about it
just try to show more affection than usual, newborns usually sleep a lot at the beginning
So you will have plenty of time to play with your not so little bundle of joy, or sleep… Your choice 😉

And there’s more to tell but I would love to hear more about you,
Please leave a comment.

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