Doctors surprised with rare Syndrome: sleeping beauty Baby

Anya Metyolkina is an 18-month-old Russian baby who has surprised doctors because she fell asleep for a whole week when she was only six months old, according to an article in the British Daily Mirror.

Since that first episode the little girl sleeps for days and only stays awake about 12 hours a week and no one manages to wake her up, even so she can eat!

The little girl has spent most of her time in the hospital, where doctors are trying to find out why this happens, but they still have no answer.

The first theory is that Anya has Sleeping Beauty Syndrome also known as Kleine-Levin Syndrome, which is uncommon in babies, as it only affects mostly males. Parents have made public the condition of their daughter so that experts from around the world can help them understand what is happening to them.

Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Kleine-Levin syndrome, also known as sleeping beauty syndrome. It is a rare neurological disease characterized by episodes, days or weeks of duration, in which the patient has excessive sleepiness and periods of prolonged sleep of at least 18 hours a day (hypersomnia). Other manifestations include compulsive overfeeding, uninhibited sexual behavior, impaired mental abilities, disorientation, aggression, and even hallucinations may even present amnesia.

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