The Best Morning Routine For Stay At Home Moms

The secret of your future it’s hidden in your daily routine.- Mike Murdock

When I had my first child I realized sooner than later that my life wasn’t going to be the same. I was pretty young, and I can tell I wasn’t someone very productive before having kids, I didn’t love the idea of helping at home with the chores and of course, my mom had to drag me to the kitchen to learn kitchen basics which wasn’t much help because I  started learning a few things the other day when my boy started eating solids.

Now I have no choice but to make every second count, as SAHM there’s so much to do and no time to waste.
It was difficult coming to this day when I have time to play with my kids and spend time enjoying a hobby and
writing for you guys. I struggled so hard at the beginning, having two kids under two years old it’s a huge challenge, I knew something about my routine and the way I was living was going to make me the angriest person alive, waking up every morning to a cranky toddler and a hungry baby it’s not the way we must start or day, that’s why I designed a routine ( I don’t always follow but when I do, I feel a lot better)

Wake Up Before Your Kids

My kids are night owls and early risers, why? I have no idea, they don’t seem to like sleeping and that’s the
hardest part of being a mom, I love, love, LOVE sleeping but I realized I needed to change my habits to
stay sane, it’s simply better to enjoy a cup of coffee without a toddler saying “mama” 10 times per minute
and a baby crawling everywhere looking for you to feed her. My day goes better when I follow this routine

Take a Long Shower

Take a long shower according to what time you have left. I strongly recommend adding cleansing scrubs
to your morning routine once in a while. It will help you relax and start your morning with the right foot.

Listen To Some Music

Or read a book, whatever makes you feel better it’s something that must be on your morning routine, even
if you listen to music or start knitting for just ten minutes it will help you stay positive and go through the day
without losing your mind.

Add Your Partner To Your Routine

Three words: body oil massage; You can take turns! It’s fun and a nice way to relax before going to war.
Remember your partner may not be as much as you with the kids but he may be as tired as you are, help
each other.

Get Pretty

We are all beautiful everyday and anyway but it’s nice to look our best from time to time and I added this
to my routine. Looking tired and unkempt makes us feel tired even if we are not.

And finally, make sure to always wake up with the right attitude, remember you have little eyes watching you closely and being happy and relax not only help us as mothers but our family, we are the support of our home.

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