How To Survive The Terrible Twos

Honestly,I never believed in the terrible twos, I always heard of it and remember thinking ‘It can’t be that bad’ and I was right, it’s way worst! My son turned two years old a few months ago and let’s just say he doesn’t like me that much right now, regardless, I always try to remember , this is just something we have to go through and be patient.

There’s no way of avoiding a bad tempered child but there’s definitely ways to overcome it.

How do you know your kid it’s going through the terrible twos?

Don’t you dare try to help them! Your children will want to make everything by themselves, they are trying to control everything that surrounds them.

It’s important that you have patience but above all, consistency in the rules and consequences that you are going to establish

How to survive

The first and most important rule it’s:

to have patience, your child it’s learning from you and your way to handle things.

Respect nap time a cranky child means bad news, and when they don’t get enough sleep this will be most likely to happen.

Be consistent and calm If your child decide to throw a tantrum, take a deep breath and respond calmly, I know this it’s difficult specially when they decide to do it in public places.

Keep them occupied Try to come up with creative and fun ways to keep them busy, sometimes they are acting up out of boredom.

And last but not less,

don’t feel guilty if you give into their bad temper, after all, we are only humans trying to do our best.

And you, how are you dealing with toddler tantrums?

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