Co-Sleeping: What is like to co-sleep and the benefits

I’ve been co-sleeping since I had my firstborn and I got to say, I am not regretting it one bit.

What is Co-sleeping?

Co-sleeping basically means, sleeping in close proximity to your child. There are different ways of co-sleeping:

• Sharing the same bed

• Attaching one bassinet to one side of the parent’s bed

• Sleeping on a different bed in the same room

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Encourage parents to share room with your child for at least the first year. Apparently Having your baby close to you lowers risk of SIDS by fifty percent!

How do you know it’s time to stop Co-sleeping?

When your child sleeps the whole night I think would be the best time. When my son was about to turn one year old, I tried to move him to his own bedroom, surprisingly, he slept through the night and he seemed quit comfortable, but about a month later he started waking up every night, crying a lot and really scare.

I decided I was going to try again, when I feel I am ready but more importantly, when they feel ready.

Don’t feel pressure, when your child it’s ready to go to his/her own bedroom, you will know, mommy always know best.

Can it be dangerous?

This is half myth and half truth, most doctors says “Don’t do it” apparently it increase Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) if you are sharing the same bed with your child but you can definitely practice safe co-sleeping putting your baby to sleep in a separate bassinet close to your bed. Doctors are definitely against sharing the same bed.

Benefits of Co-sleeping

• Co-sleeping helps with bonding

• Helps with their development

• Children sleep more peacefully

• They feel secure close to their parents

• Decrease risk of SIDS

• Co-sleeping babies grow up with higher self steem

• If you are actually sharing bed with your baby, it will be easier to breastfeed

Co-sleeping it’s actually more common that you would think, but is not for everyone, if you feel that’s not for you it’s fine, there’s plenty of ways to bond with your children, everyone has their own personal ways to raise their kids and honestly, it’s fun to have a room to yourself, oh, how I miss those days!

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