Rules You Must Break To Improve Your Marriage

There’s a saying I’d like to share with you,
“If you can’t solve a problem, it’s because you are playing by the rules”



Believe it or not, some well-known beliefs or “rules” in marriage
can make you fall into boredom and routine but as times has
changed, many of these rules must change too. Let’s be honest,
marriage it’s not the easiest thing in the world, it takes two
people to keep it from falling apart, and it takes two to make
things work. That’s why here I have a list of things we should
stop doing, let’s break some rules:


Never Go To Bed Angry

Psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo, author of “A Happy You:
Your Ultimate Prescription For Happines,” Says that
Trying to solve a couple problem when stressed and heavily
disturbed is not a good solution to problems. It is best to agree
to disagree for now and review the solution when you and your
partner feels at ease.

Conclusion: Go to bed early and have a fight in the morning
but not before having some coffee.

Always Be Honest

It is good to be loyal and honest but according to the specialist,

Barbara Bartlein: When it comes to knowing the past of the
couple, it is better not to give all the details, that can bring
comparisons. Learn to distinguish between what can affect
your relationship and your partner’s feelings.


Do Everything Together

It is healthy to have some space from your partner, everyone
should have space to do what they like, your partner may have
a hobby you don’t really enjoy, he shouldn’t restrain himself from
doing what he likes and you shouldn’t have to do something you
don’t enjoy. You can be free together!


Fights Are The Beginning To Divorce

Believe it or not, sometimes it is healthy to have a small fight,
to have differences from time to time, the important thing is
always to find the solution, this helps the couple to consolidate,
helps them to know each other and to strengthen themselves.


If There Is No Sex, There Is Nothing

Sex is not an obligation for any of the parties, it’s one of many ways
to show affection to the one you love, but it’s hardly the only one.
Intimate encounters shouldn’t be on your “To-Do-List” when you
start feeling that way, your marriage may be deteriorating,


Love is all about freedom, the freedom to be yourself with
the one you love is priceless. Stop making rules for your marriage
and enjoy your life together, enjoy love.

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