Does sex gets better after giving birth?

According to specialists you must wait at least six weeks after giving birth to start having intercourse, the reason it’s simple: You need time to heal. You must way until your postpartum exam to make sure everything it’s fine down there.

Having kids changes your life in such a way, it brings joy to your home and you may be finding yourself in a happy/tired kind of place. There will be a ton of dirty diapers to change , a lot of bottles to warm and of course a baby to rock to sleep so you can have a little time for your so loved partner or maybe… not.

Let’s be honest here, will you be in the mood to have sex after delivering a six, seven or even eight pound baby out of your vajayjay (A.K.A vagina)? I’ll let you answer that question. As I remember back then when I had my first child I recall saying: “I will never, ever, ever have sex again”, but then again I have two kids,

how did that happened?

Sure it’s somehow scary to be with your partner after giving birth, there’s a lot of questions that I was for sure scare to ask and some of them I didn’t really want to know but we learn to know and appreciate our body after giving birth so here I will tell you what I learned from this road:


Does sex feels different?

The woman experiences great physical, psychological and hormonal changes, and man must also adapt to the new circumstances. Does it feels different ? There’s not sugar coating it, yes, somehow it feels different at least the first two or three times. This moment is especially delicate. Your body and your mind (I am a mom!) Have undergone important changes that will influence the way you live your sexuality. There may also be a lot of doubts and insecurity, you are dealing with new things, and your body it’s experiencing new changes. My advice: Don’t do it until you feel ready, not as a duty, not to please your partner but because you want to.

I’m afraid to feel pain

The genital area can be painful, more if there has been episiotomy, since the total scarring takes months. Many women experience discomfort for a while, until they regain normal sensitivity. Often lubrication decreases (especially if you are breastfeeding), which often worsens discomfort. The stitches can leave hardened, painful and stiff areas that take time to disappear and that decrease the elasticity of the vagina. To relieve them it is useful to massage the area with rosehip oil once or twice a day. But there’s good news: These alterations are temporary.  Using special lubricants can help you! (they sell them in pharmacies) and, as long as there is pain, avoid penetration.

Not in the mood!

The baby forces us to reorganize our daily lives. The first few months are going to be a really big disaster. And all our energy it’s focused on the new baby that needs all our attention, so you may find yourself with no desire to have sex with your partner, and that’s okay. Sexuality is not located in the genital area, but in the brain. Therefore, in order to feel desire, eroticism… We must have to relieve stress and have our mind at ease. With newborn it’s not easy, and it’s normal for us to feel that our libido has decrease. This is also temporary, luckily you will get use to the new routine and your body and mind will regain the state prior to the pregnancy.

I have noticed changes in my genitals

After delivery, the vaginal area becomes distended and it is common for flaccidity to appear in the perineum. When making love, we may notice the looser muscle tone and feel less pleasure, both us and our partner. Usually it is temporary, although we can solve it more quickly practicing the exercises of Kegel also knows as pelvic floor exercise to tighten the muscles of the vagina and to tone the perineum.

Leave a comment in the comment section bellow and tell me your thoughts, and let me know: How long did you wait to have sex again after giving birth?

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Does sex gets better after giving birth? Comments

  1. We waited until week 7. I had the clear at 6 weeks but was still a little sore as I had a 2nd-degree tear. The first time felt like losing my virginity all over again. After that it was a bit dry, so we had to use lube, up until I started getting my period again about 4 months later, and after that, it felt the same as it did before giving birth. Now the problem is finding the time and the mood!

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