Perks of Teaching Your Children Two Languages


It's proven that babies can learn more than one language and this brings great benefits!

According to research, bilingual children often show improvement in executive function of the brain, that means they are able  to divert attention, change tasks and solve problems more easily than little ones only receiving auditory stimulation in one language. It has been found that bilingual children can increase their metalinguistic abilities, which is the ability to think about the language itself, and to understand how it works. There is evidence to prove that being bilingual makes learning a third language easier

And it is also believed that the accumulation effect of two language experience translates into protective effects against cognitive impairment  with aging and the emergence of  Alzheimer disease. And although they are believed to mix languages, researches comment that two year olds adapt their language to match the language used by their interlocutor, meaning, they change the language code according to the person listening.

Bilingualism has positive aspects about intelligence

Some parents believe that learning a second language can be a delay in language development of the child  although there’s no concrete evidence.  Occasionally, the child will be able to mix any word between the two languages, but these cases are normal at first, especially when languages present similar words.

When two languages are well-balanced, bilingual children have the advantage

Which means that bilingualism has positive effects  on intelligence and other aspects of the child’s life. The learning of two language at the same time does not represent any type of linguistic contamination or delay in learning.


Balance between two languages

Some experts argue that children exposed to multiple languages are more creative and develop problem-solving skills. Speaking a second language, even if only during the first years of your child’s life, will help you program brain circuits to make it easier for your children to learn new languages in the future. The introduction of bilingualism in the education must be done naturally.

The child should never be forced to speak.

At the beginning it’s more important to always listen to your child so it will be more and more easy for him to talk to you,without hurry or obligation. However, there are some scientists who recommend that the child learn a second language only when he has enough knowledge of his/her mother


Advantages of being a bilingual child

1. Communication. The ability to communicate with people of different nationalities when traveling or living with foreign people. Bilingual children have twice the ability to read and write in two different languages and, therefore, their knowledge may be broader because of their greater access to global information.
2. Cultural. Access to two different cultures enriches the child’s education (literature, history, behaviors, traditions, conversations, media, etc.).
3. Knowledge. Access to diversity stimulates the intellectual development of a bilingual child. Therefore, they can be more creative, more flexible, and acquire a more open mind to the world and to others
4. Job Opportunities. The doors of the labor market will open up and offer more opportunities to bilingual people.







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