Do babies really imitate their parents?

 Research suggests that babies don’t have the ability to imitate.

Do babies really imitate their parents?

Scientific research published in Current Biology proposes that newborns do not have the ability of imitation, but they acquire it during the first month of life. So why do children seems to react to everything?


When we see our baby and he look at us, it’s normal that our first reaction is to smile at him, and to interact with him through a funny smile, hoping for him to respond in some way.

This is because babies have an enormous capacity of observation. However,
according to research developed by the University of Queensland in Australia, this is not the same as imitation.

The study was based on the reaction of 106 children, who were shown different expressions.
The result: None of them mimicked any of the gestures.

Parents are the ones who tends to mimic the baby.


The University of Queensland conducted another study
in which they discovered that  parents are the ones who
tends to imitate their children.
“This is a powerful way
for little ones to learn to connect  their gestures with
those of another person,” said Virginia Slaughter,
who heads the research.

It seems that imitation is not something that babies
comes with, rather it is acquired in the first months of life.

It could even be said that babies learn to imitate seeing how other people (in this case, their parents) imitate them.

Imitation is a key to learning

This quality is vital for the baby to acquire other abilities in the first months of life and a primitive way of interacting with the world.
According to the University of Washington, imitation helps activate specific areas of the brain. “Babies are careful observers and we have discovered that by looking at the behavior of others, they activate their own brain,” says Andrew Meltzoff, the author of the research.

Remember: with every smile, gesture and expressions, you are motivating your baby and providing important tools for their development.








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